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Slip ring belongs to mechanical industry. Along with the wide social informational, we all know that automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, traffic transport, commerce, medical service and so on which is not only could help people to solve heavy manual labor, mental work, bad and dangerous working conditions, but also could expand the organ function and greatly improve the labor productivity to enhance the ability of people to know the world and change the world.

Slip ring, as an important rotating joint in mechanical automation equipment that will has a good prospect in the future. As the times progress, the technology of slip ring has been become mature step by step. Carbon brush slip ring design now change to gold to gold contact materials slip ring with compact structure, easier installation, more convenient maintenance and more durable. With the innovation of slip ring continuously, slip ring has been widely used in packing machine, printing equipment, intelligent electrical equipment and so on, but slip ring in the application of mechanical equipment is more widely.

Recommend product in automation application --- Capsule slip ring Through bore slip ring


  • Compact design and structure.
  • Signal and current combination transmission.
  • Low torque and electrical noise.
  • Smooth operation and longer life time.
  • Easy installation and maintenance free.

Barlin Times, as the largest slip ring manufacturer in China, we are going to design different slip ring structure to meet every special demand in automation application and obtain support from more potential customers in this industry. We believe we have obligations and ability to contribute our strength for global mechanical automation industry.