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High Frequency Rotary Joint

High frequency rotary joint also could be called high frequency slip ring. This kind of rotary joint can be an element which installed on the cable or instrument as transmitting or breaking the line of electrical connections.

If you have specific customized requirement, please feel free to consult us so that our sales engineer could recommend the most suitable product to you for you reference.




Ptoduct Model CRJ-01 CRJ-02N CRJ-03 CRJ-05
Channel 1 channel
Outer Diamter 15mm 25.4mm
Frequency Range 0-3GHz 0-18GHz 0-26.5GHz 0-18GHz
Specific Impedance 50Ω
Average Loading Power 100W @ 2GHz
60W @ 3GHz
500W @ 1GHz
200W @ 6GHz
100W @ 12GHz
30W @ 18GHz
200W @ 1GHz
40W @ 15GHz
25W @ 26.5GHz
200W @ 1GHz
30W @ 18GHz
Peak Power (Max)   3kW Max 1500W
Contact Materials Precious metal Beryllium Copper Precious metal Gold platedl
Insertion Loss( Max ) <1.5dB @ 3GHz 0.25dB @0-10GHz
0.30dB @10-18GHz
0.30dB @0-10GHz
0.35dB @10-18GHz
0.70dB @18-26.5GHz
0.25dB @0-6GHz
0.35dB @6-12GHz
0.50dB @6-18GHz
Insertion Loss WOW (Max) 0.1dB Max 0.05dB 0.1dB @0-18GHz
0.2dB @18-26.5GHz
VSWR ( Max ) ≤1.45dB Max 1.3dB @0-10GHz
1.4dB @10-18GHz
1.3dB @0-10GHz
1.4dB @10-18GHz
1.7dB @18-26.5GHz
1.2dB @0-6GHz
1.25dB @6-12GHz
1.35dB @6-18GHz
VSWR-WOW ( Max ) 0.1dB Max 0.05dB 0.05dB @0-18GHz
0.10 dB @18-26.5GHz
Phase WOW ( Max ) 1 degree 1 degree 1 degree @0-10GHz
1.5 degree @10-18GHz
2.0 degree @18-26.5GHz
1 degree
Work Temperature -20℃-+60℃ -55℃-+85℃ -40℃-+70℃
Work Humidity 60%RH or higher 95%RH or higher 85%RH or higher
Work Speed 60RPM Max 500RPM Max 200RPM Max 100RPM Max
Starting Torque (Max)   0.05Ncm 0.05Nm @ room temperature 2Ncm max
Housing Material Brass/ Zinc plating Gold Plate Copper alloy Stainless steel
Protection IP54 IP40



  • Small size & light weight.
  • Channels could be up to 18.
  • Frequency range can reach to 40GHz or higher.
  • Low attenuation loss and low wear.
  • Can not be used in high work speed application.
  • Longer life time & maintenance free.



  • Channels.
  • Electrical part combines with coax rotary joint.
  • Support broadband signal and SDI signal.
  • Cable length and size.
  • 50Ωand 75Ω impedance are optional.



  • Radar & antenna.
  • Satellite communication system.
  • Analog high frequency electronic system.
  • CCTV & video monitoring device.
  • Military system equipment.