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The slip ring used in military application, normally, we can call it--Military slip ring or rotary joint. Along with the improvement and development of advanced technique, the application for military equipment has become wider and greater, which has very strict demand with slip ring technology, especially for the quality. Nowadays, more and more people know slip ring and understand how it is important in the device. We believe that future military development will be more intend to automation, for example, military robotics, this kind of of machine has rotating joint which must need to use slip ring for solving flexibility and stability problem. Generally speaking, the main application for military has radar, tank, military airplane, satellite, missile defense system and so on.


For this kind of military field with our several years experience, our customer used below series and design to meet their demand:


What is more, military slip ring not only require reliable performance, but also has some following features:

  • Higher protection degree and high or low work temperature resistant.
  • Multi-circuit, big current and high voltage.
  • Shock and vibration resistant.
  • Low electrical noise and high frequency range.
  • Low signal transmission loss and high isolation.
  • Compact structure ,easy installation, very long life time.


Barlin Times still are cooperating well with some military companies at home and abroad for many years, we should use better technique to design best quality product in the near future. Meanwhile, we are now trying best to become one of the most excellent supplier in China, and provide you professional design service and after sales installation guide service.