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High Current Slip Ring

The main feature of this high current slip ring series are big current without doubt, actually it can also can be named high power slip ring or high amp slip ring. Barlin Times use unique design and exquisite technology to research and develop late-model product to satisfy requirement of some special applications. The current of our product could be up to 600A, we will try our best endeavor to launch more and more latest product into market. 

If you have specific customized requirement, please feel free to consult us so that our sales engineer could recommend the most suitable product to you for you reference.

Product Model Dimension(mm) Circuits & Current Voltage Rating Contact Materials Work Temperature Work Speed
THR-000T-02200-0610 162*147(OD*L) 2 Circuits @ 200A
6 Circuits @ 10A
0-400V Precious Metal -20℃~+80℃ 0-50rpm
THR-000T-03100-04S 162*164(OD*L) 3 Circuits @ 100A
4 Circuits @ signal
0-400V Precious Metal -20℃~+80℃ 0-50rpm
THR-000T-03100-1015 162*200(OD*L) 3 Circuits @ 100A
10 Circuits @ 15A
0-400V Precious Metal -20℃~+80℃ 0-50rpm
THR-000T-05200 180*214(OD*L) 5 Circuits @ 200A 0-400V Precious Metal -20℃~+80℃ 0-50rpm
THR-010T-01100 10*86*53(ID*OD*L) 1 Circuit @ 100A 0-400V Precious Metal -20℃~+80℃ 0-50rpm
THR-012T-01100-0550 12*125*147(ID*OD*L) 1 Circuit @ 100A
5 Circuits @ 50A
0-400V Precious Metal -20℃~+80℃ 0-50rpm
THR-012T-02100 12*125*89(ID*OD*L) 2 Circuits @ 100A 0-400V Precious Metal -20℃~+80℃ 0-50rpm
THR-025T-02100 25*162*114(ID*OD*L) 2 Circuits @ 100A 0-400V Precious Metal -20℃~+80℃ 0-50rpm


  • Current can be up to 600A or higher.
  • Adopt the best contact materials from foreign country.
  • Compact design and structure.
  • Maintenance free and longer life time.
  • Power and signal data combination.
  • Low wear and resistance.



  • Circuits & Current
  • Dimension
  • Housing materials
  • Position of wire outlet
  • Lead wire length
  • Connector
  • Through hole



  • Engineering machinery equipment
  • Vessel equipment and cable reel
  • Rotary table
  • Packing machine
  • Military equipment
  • Test instrument
  • Radar