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Social Recruitment

Barlin Times highly welcome those who enjoys the characteristic of enthusiasm, hard work and flexibility to join in our big family to develop better future together. Now, we are in the urgent need of excellent sales person or sales leader as per below requirements:
  • Have deep in love for sales industry which could bear high pressure working condition; Related sales working experience preferred with strong desire and ambition to succeed.
  • Be good at marketing analysis, promotion ability, excellent interpersonal communication, coordination ability and the ability to analyze and solve problems.
  • Has strong team leadership and lead the team to actively exploit customer resources and complete task issued by company.
  • Be familiar with electronics industry, especially for the components. Customer resource and successful sales experience is preferred.
  • Energetic, outgoing and good image; Have the ability to finish work well under pressure.
  • Barlin Times provide comprehensive training to improve yourself soon from each aspect and broad space for promotion.
  • Have a good planning ability and organization skills.

What are you waiting for still? Please feel free to contact with us or email us as per the contact details on the website. Our responsible person in personnel department should contact you soon after receiving your news.


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