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Talent Training

Barlin Times specially concentrates on talent training for some capable and hard work staffs, no matter for outside training or internal training. For the staffs who work in Barlintimes before initial three months, the management in the company will provide many different technical training and company background introduction to let people know more details about company and product information in time. To make sure whether you could become a regular worker, each department leader ( as per different position) will make an examination or test to check your learning outcomes during this three months training.

According to various position in different department, for example, marketing department, Barlin Times can provide good opportunity for excellent sales person going to foreign country to make market investigation for our products and take part in related exhibitions to have a face to face communication with potential customers to show Barlin Times service and high quality product.


-----Do not worry too much about the ambiguous future, just make effort for explicit being prese.