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Successful R&D and Test for Waterproof Slip Ring

Technical Questions by Customers

The application is for ship, navigation equipment, underwater robot and so on to transfer precise signal, weak & big current, high voltage, low electrical noise, low torque and longer lie time. As we all know, the degree for waterproof could be divided into below ten parts:

  • No protection.
  • Drip-proof type one: The water drops vertically has no harmful effects.
  • Drip-proof type two: The water drops vertically within 15 meter square range has no harmful effects.
  • Rain-proof type: Rainfall at vertical direction within 60 degree range has no harmful effects.
  • Splash-proof type: Water splash at any direction has no harmful effects.
  • Jet-proof type: Water injection at any direction has no harmful effects.
  • Water-proof type: Water will not directly jet into the internal at any direction.
  • Immersion-proof type: Even submerged in water which will not enter inside under the conditions stipulated.
  • Long immersion-proof type: Long immersion in a certain pressure environment can use all the same.
  • Moisture-proof type: Could be used in relative humidity below 90% moisture.

Until Mar9, 2015, the engineers in Barlin Times has successfully finished the waterproof test for capsule slip ring type as per some of our customer’s specific request. Through several months’ hard working and continuous creation by our technical person, our capsule slip ring could meet long immersion-proof or moisture-proof degree (IP68-69). This slip ring can rotate smoothly and enjoys low electrical noise after design and structure updating, also we have changed better raw materials for some important components to meet superior quality.

Barlin Times highly welcome your contact and consulting if you have any interest for our new waterproof slip ring. Our professional sales engineer will provide the best solution and service for you. Barlintimes are waiting for you!


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