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Technical Questions by Customers


Currently our industry already has many different types and designs slip rings, which enjoys the features of smaller size, impact structure, longer life time, smooth rotating, high sealed degree, gas or liquid plus electrical part together and so on. Also, all of them could transfer signal/data and power continuously. That is why slip rings could be widely used in various applications at present. For instance, robotics, engineering machinery, medical machine, wind turbine, military application and so forth.

With the extensive using via many years, many people gradually know what is the slip ring this kind of product, especially for the students in the college. And slip ring become more commercial recent years, some entertainment industry has a high demand for this 360 degree rotating solution. For example, stage lighting, selfie stick of mobile phone or some applications we do not know now. For these kind of applications should need a very smaller size slip ring to meet their requirement which should have smooth operation. Our company Barlin Times are opening a super miniature capsule type slip ring which only has 6mm outer diameter to meet 1-8 circuits. As we know smaller size will bring some difficulties on the production process as above 85% processes operated by manual work and we need to find solution how to make the cost lower and lower under good quality. As for now, we are still in the testing stage for each part and we are expecting to finish all process after three months.

Please kindly wait our news on the website or contact us via email or phone for any update about this smaller size capsule slip ring if you are interested. Our sales engineer will reply you details that you want to know.

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